Graduated in Buisiness and Fine Arts. During my studies, I specialized in sculpture and printmaking. My interest in photography exponentially increased when I was finishing. I have participated in several workshops whit Manel Esclusa, Llorenç Raich, Israel Ariño, Oscar Molina, David Jimenez, Jordi Guillumet and Antonio Xoubanova, among others.

Before studing Fine Arts I was working as a 3D modeler freelance. Observing reality is essential to simulate it as faithful as possible. The inconvenience in this profession is that everything takes place through a screen. This is the reason why I decided to start Fine Arts. I wanted to be able to touch instead of just observing.

Since then, significant things have happened to me, such as finalist diploma of ArtFad student prize in 2011, a grant to make an installation in Cercle Artísic de Sant Lluc and a scholarship for the Photobook Course in El Observatorio; I have shown my work in many group exhibitions in different spaces, such as Vila Casas Foundation, MEAM, FADFEST, La Casa Elizalde; I have participated in Art Fairs like London Arts Book Fair or Arts Libris Barcelona; moreover a sample of my works have appeared in some publication like ”Volume I of Dimensions XX” or Llorenç Raich last book “Fotografía como poesía”. In addition, I self-published “Una bombolla de silence flotant en un mar de soroll” book in 2015.

2013_Bachelor in Fine Arts. Engraving specialization. University of Barcelona.
2012_Erasmus in Aalto School of Art, Design and Architecture of Helsinki, Finland.
2004_International Master in Audio-Visual Animation, while coursing it she makes the animation short film, Sr. Corto.
2001_Bachelor in Business and Adminstration. Ramon Llull University.

2016_Scholarship for the course of Edition and Production of a Photobook. El Observatorio Photo. Barcelona.
2014_Collaboration grant with the Painting Department (Engraving Section). Faculty of Fine Arts. UB.
2011_Finalist diploma in the student category of ARTFAD awards for Paisatge dels records.
2011_Registres d’un paisatge, a project selected for the Open Courtyard of Cercle Artístic Sant Lluc, Barcelona.
2005_Audience Award for Best Animated Short Film in Day of the Living Shorts, Rome, Italy.
2004_Award for the best animated short film at the IV Festival de Curtmetratges d'Arona, Tenerife.
2004_Delta Pro Prize of FILMETS International Festival of Badalona.
2004_Third prize of the IAJ (Instituto Andaluz de la Juventud) at the Youth and Arts Contest of Andalusia.


2018_Don't Forget Your Personal Belongings. La Casa Elizalde.
2017_Art Photo Barcelona.
2016_Human Layers - Cicle de Retorn. Facultat de Belles Arts. UB.
2016_Rastrum (single exhibition). Oslo Graphic Barceloneta.
2016_Femina, representacions. Xalubínia. Menorca.
2015_Atrs Libirs. Artist’s Books Fair. Barcelona.
2014_Martyrium. Museo di Palazzo Romagnoli. Forli, Italy.
2014_London Arts Book Fair. London, UK.
2014_Martyrium. San Rocco Museum. Fusignano, Italy.
2014_Kaleid 2014 London. Independent Artist’s Books Exhibition. London, UK. 2014_Martyrium. ATRIUM, Alcañiz (Teruel)/ Valderobres Castle (Teruel) /MEAM (Barcelona).
2013_Martyrium. La Farinera del Clot. Barcelona
2012_Patrim’11. Fundació Vila Casas. Barcelona.
2012_Arts Libris. Artist’s Books Fair. Barcelona.
2011_Sense Títol’11. Showroom of the Faculty of Fine Arts. University of Barcelona.
2011_FADfest. Student’s Category Finalist of ARTFAD Prize. Barcelona.
2011_Registres d’un paisatge. Pati Obert. Sant Lluc Artistic Circle, Barcelona.
2010_2020* Las nuevas edades del bronce. Cultural Center of Belviche, Spain.
2010_In.Corpore ’09. Valderobres Castle. Teruel, Spain.
2009_In.Corpore ’09. Farinera del Clot, Barcelona.
2009 Omaggio al Iº Centenario Manifesto del Futurismo. Galeria del Giardino, Academia de Bellas Artes de Nápoles.

2014 _Tribute Book to Susie MacMurray. CRAI. Fine Arts Library of the University of Barcelona.
2010_Dark Night of the Soul. PATRIM COLLECTION. Faculty of Fine Arts. University of Barcelona.

Fotografía como poesía. Llorenç Raich. Ed. Casmiro. 2018
Una bombolla de silenci flotant en un mar de soroll. Self-published, Barcelona. 2015.
Martyrium Sanctae Eulaliae. A contemporary re-envisioning. A [The Corssing Lab] project. 2014.
Dimensions XX. Genealogies femenines. Art, recerca i docència. Volume I. 2013.
Dark Night of the Soul. Self-published, Barcelona. 2011.

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